Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cards and Cards

My friend, Roz, told me to use all my scraps to make cards. I'm not a card fact, not even a card sender. However, I hate to see paper (cool CTMH paper) wasted so I did follow her advice and created a bunch of card bases. My (Roz's) idea was to put paper on card bases and then 'pretty them up' when I needed to send a card.

My family threw me a surprise big number (ok it's 50) birthday party so my cards were put to great use! I prettied them up and sent them on and then got great reviews from them! Yay...I guess that means I'm now a card maker? Still don't like making them much but it's easier now when I just need to add some bling. Funny thing, tho, the scrap paper file still keeps getting bigger!

Some (most) of these cards are taken from the Wishes book so I'm fulfilling that part of the challenge. Just can't find the piece of paper I wrote them down on before mailing them off. I surprised myself by remembering to take pictures of them before they went in the mail!

Thanks for looking. More to come!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Number 7!!

I created this layout quite a few years ago with one of my very first Scrapbook Groups. This stamp set was (maybe still is) one of my favourites and the group really enjoyed creating this wintery scene.

A very magical evening occurred a few nights before my daughter was to leave for a student exchange in Australia for 6 months. It was about midnight; the snow falling outside was so incredibly bright it looked like it was late afternoon. So my dd and I decided to go for a walk - the beautiful fluffly snow flakes were coming down so quickly we had to keep brushing the snow away from our hats, glasses and the dog! The snow was up to our calves by the time we decided to head for home after about an hour. My dd said it was a wonderful memory to take with her to Australia. This layout has been sitting around for a long time but when I printed these pics, it all came together magically!!!

7/52 with lots more to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I hope I'm back on track although I seem to have lost my mojo somewhere so if you have any extra, package it up and send my way, please. This layout was done quite awhile ago for one of my monthly workshops but I just put the pictures and some journaling on. This little guy (1 of 4) lives quite aways from us so we don't get to cuddle him very often. We still think he's a star!

I'm coming back soon with lots of cards and a few layouts.
tfl :)